Latvian Red Cross (hereinafter –the LatRC) implements and participates in national and international projects with an aim to improve the living conditions of Latvia’s unprotected inhabitants, to advance social integration and a healthy lifestyle, as well as to educate people on the provision of first aid, safety, the reduction of discrimination and other topical issues in the society.

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National projects:

Project Open to the World, Open to Diversity – integration of third-country nationals

Project We Live Together in Our Country – improving the quality of life of different age groups at risk of social exclusion in the Latgale region, involving representatives of national minorities and implementing measures that promote the development of a cohesive society

Project Regular Activities of LatRC in the Area of Human Rights and Anti-discrimination

And others

International projects:

Project “BALTPREP – enhancing regional preparedness and response capacity for major accidents in the Baltic Sea region” – Finnish Red Cross (leading organization), Estonian Red Cross, Latvian Red Cross, Lithuanian Red Cross, Polish Red Cross, German Red Cross, Danish Red Cross

Project “AVAIL – Amplifying the voices of asylum seekers and refugees for integration and life skills” – British Red Cross (leading organization), Latvian Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Irish Red Cross, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Project “Social integration and meaningful participation of disadvantaged families in an inclusive society” – Danish Red Cross (leading organization), Belarus Red Cross, Latvian Red Cross

Youth exchange “Doing local, changing global” in Latvia – providing youth with an opportunity to see the diversity of voluntary activities in different countries, to share experiences and to learn from each other, Latvian Red Cross (leading organization), the Netherlands Red Cross, Estonian Red Cross, Portuguese Red CrossGerman Red Cross, Austrian Red Cross

Project “PrepAGE” – enhancing disaster management preparedness for older populations in the EU, Austrian Red Cross (leading organization), Bulgarian Red Cross, Croatian Red Cross, Latvian Red Cross, British Red Cross, University of Innsbruck

Project Implementation of the EU Host Nation Support Guidelines – examining law and regulations to improve the effectiveness of host nation support among Civil Protection Mechanism Participating States through a detailed analysis of existing domestic legislation and regulation, Icelandic Red Cross (leading organization), Latvian Red Cross, Irish Red Cross, Polish Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Project „Aware and Resilient” – improving disaster preparedness by sharing information, strengthening communities and acting together, Austrian Red Cross (leading organization), Bulgarian Red Cross, French Red Cross, Romanian Red Cross, Latvian Red Crosses, French Ministry for Ecology Sustainable Development, Transport and Habitation

Project Improving the system of volunteer care for vulnerable in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus – Belarus Red Cross (leading organization), Latvian Red Cross, Lithuanian Red Cross

Project Voluntary Social Work as a Basis for Better Quality of Life – Norwegian Red Cross, Latvian Red Cross

And others