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Since 8 January 2018, the association “Latvian Red Cross” implements the project “My 100 Volunteer Working Hours for Latvia” (No. 2018.LV/NVOF/DAP/MAC/012/25) financed by the Society Integration Foundation, within the NGO foundation.

Project implementation period: 8 January 2018 – 31 October 2018 

Objective: To improve the registration system of the voluntary movement of LatRC and to implement new initiatives for public involvement in voluntary work, especially in remote regions of Latvia.

Project implementation place: Latvia

Key activities and results of the project:

Key activities: 

Development of the LatRC volunteer data base and employees (volunteers) training on use/updating of the data base;
Educating seminar in further regions on the significance of the volunteer work and experience of volunteer work of the LatRC over 100 years;
Campaign “My 100 Volunteer Working Hours for Latvia” within the framework of which we will ask the inhabitants to work at least 100 hours of volunteer work as a present for Latvia’s centenary;
PR campaigns (video, photo collages and diary stories) to popularise the nature of volunteer work and gather information on personal benefits of volunteers as a result of volunteer work.
Achieved results:

Developed one data base;
Educated 15 LatRC employees and volunteers on the use of the data base;
Organised 5 educating seminars to children and youngsters where 150 participants took part;
In the campaign, “My 100 Volunteer Working Hours for Latvia” 264 inhabitants participated (initially planned 100) working more than 10,000 working hours of volunteer work (initially planned at least 1,000);
Organised 4 PR campaigns on the nature and significance of volunteer work.
Total budget of the project: EUR 13,799.91 

Project manager: Aija Strazda, tel.: +371 67336653, e-mail: aija.strazda@redcross.lv