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Sarlotes Street 1D, Riga, LV-1001, Latvia


Phone: +371 67336651
Fax: +371 67336652


Registration No.: 40008002279
Luminor bank account.: LV87RIKO0002010021481

Working hours:

Monday – Thursday: 08:30 – 17:00

Friday: 08:30 – 16:00




LatRC Youth

Contact information

Mr Viktors Jaksons


Tel.: +371 67686314

E-mail: viktors.jaksons@redcross.lv

Mr Uldis Likops

Secretary General

Tel.: +371 67686301

E-mail: uldis.likops@redcross.lv

Ms Jana Lapcenoka

Human Resource Manager

Tel.: +371 67686300

E-mail: jana.lapcenoka@redcross.lv

Ms Zenija Krasovska

Office Manager

Tel.: +371 67336651

E-mail: zenija.krasovska@redcross.lv

Ms Agnese Trofimova

Head of International and Public Relations

Tel.: +371 67686312

E-mail: agnese.trofimova@redcross.lv

Ms Aija Strazda

Project Manager

Tel.: +371 67336653

E-mail: aija.strazda@redcross.lv

Mr Andris Kikusts

Head of Humanitarian Aid Program

Tel.: +371 67686306, mob. tel. +371 29416663

E-mail: andris.kikusts@redcross.lv

Ms Sigita Skujina

Head of Latvian Red Cross Youth

Tel.: +371 67336653

E-mail: sigita.skujina@redcross.lv ; youth@redcross.lv

Ms Aelita Ivdra

Head of Accounting

Tel.: +371 67686313

Email: aelita.ivdra@redcross.lv

Ms Ilona Luste

Head of First Aid and Disaster Management

Tel.: +371 67336650

Email: pirmapalidziba@redcross.lv, ilona.luste@redcross.lv

Ms Alina Kanepa

Tracing Service Coordinator

Tel.: +371 26143344

Email: meklesana@redcross.lv

Ms Alla Kruglova

Head of EU Food Aid Program

Tel.: +371 67686304

Email: alla.kruglova@redcross.lv

Ms Ieva Antonsone

Head of Short-term Accommodation Centre “Burtnieks”

Tel.: +371 67436672

E-mail: mitne@redcross.lv

Ms Agija Saukuma

Head of Home Care Service

Tel.: +371 66103077

E-mail: agija.saukuma@redcross.lv

Ms Gudnega Rupenheite

Project Manager of Social worker and social mentor services for asylum seekers and refugees

Tel.: +371 28379100

E-mail: gundega.rupenheite@redcross.lv

Ms Ieva Antonsone

Head of Crisis Centre “Burtnieks”

Tel.: +371 67202832, 24/7 phone: +371 67202737

E-mail: ieva.antonsone@redcross.lv

Ms Gundega Dambe

Head of HR development and Health Promotion Program

Tel.: +371 67686307

E-mail: gundega.dambe@redcross.lv