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Latvian Red Cross Youth

Latvian Red Cross Youth (LatRCY) is a division of the Latvian Red Cross (LatRC), which unites young people who are LatRC members or volunteers, to support youth initiatives, promote involvement in non-formal education and to endorse meaningful free time activities, as well as carry out the LatRC’s humanitarian work for the benefit of society.




What does voluntary work mean?


What are we like?

  • Humane, because we respect human life.

  • Impartial, because we do not differentiate people according to their skin colour, religion or beliefs.

  • Neutral, because we do not engage in political and religious disputes.

  • Independent, because we are driven by our own goals.

  • Voluntary, because we do not receive payments for our work.

  • United, because we try to achieve the same goals throughout Latvia and the world.

  • Universal, because we know how to combine the pleasant with the useful!



Latvian Red Cross youth division

  • Latvian Red Cross Youth (LatRCY) is a subdivision of the Latvian Red Cross (LatRC).

  • It consists of LatRC members who have joined LRC Youth units in various places in Latvia.

  • The youth units act as a part of the regional LatRC branches as well as the occurrences of regular experience exchanges.

  • The highest decision-making body of the LatRC is the Congress, which takes place once every 4 years. It is attended by delegates from all LatRC regional committees and also LatRC Youth representatives.

  • Decisions are made by a simple majority vote of delegates.

  • The highest decision-making body in between LatRC congresses is the LatRC Council, where 15-21 members are elected during the congress, including 2 LatRC Youth representatives.


What is the LatRCY conference?

LatRCY conference is the highest decision-making body

It occurs once every 2 years. Delegates from all LatRCY units participate in it and during the conference, the LatRCY council is elected.


How can you participate in the LatRCY conference?

  1. Become an active member of LatRC in one of the LatRCY units.
  2. Nominate your candidacy to represent the unit at the LatRCY conference.


What is the LatRCY Council?

The LatRCY Council is the highest decision-making body of the LatRCY between LatRCY conferences.

The LatRCY Council consists of 5 to 8 LatRC members, whose term of office is 4 years.

The work of the LatRCY Council is managed by the Chairman of the LatRCY Council, who is elected at the LatRCY Conference.

How can you become a member of the LatRCY council?

  1. Become a member of LatRC.

  2. Be active in your  branch or unit.

  3. Nominate your candidacy to a member of the LatRCY council when preparing for the LatRCY conference.

Who is the head of LatRCY?

The head of the LatRCY represents the LatRCY, manages and coordinates the work of the LatRCY units, prepares the LatRCY activity plan and prepares the annual report, participates and expresses opinions on the LRCY projects at the LatRCY conference and LatRCY council meetings.

How can you become the head of LatRCY?

  1. Get a higher education.
  2. Investigate the work of LatRC.
  3. Be an active and responsible citizen.
  4. Apply for the vacancy of the head of LatRCY when an open competition is announced.

What is the LatRCY unit?

LatRCY unit can be established (founded) by no less than 5 LatRC members or people who want to become LatRC members, and who are considered youth. By submitting a protocol of establishment of the unit which has been signed by all founders to the LatRC branch of the corresponding territory. The founders of the LatRCY unit elect the head of the LatRCY unit from among themselves.

Each unit implements its annual plan following the LatRCY ‘s overall annual plan and in cooperation with its regional branch.

Representatives of LatRCY unit meet 3 – 4 times a year for LatRCY training.

How can you become the head of an LatRCY unit?

  1. At the general meeting of members, offer your candidacy to the other members and organize the voting.
  2. If there is no LatRCY unit in your region, you have the opportunity to establish it and offer your candidacy to the head of the unit.

Who is an LatRC member?

It is any young person, an adult, who wants to express support for the organization and gain the right to participate in decision-making. A member of the LatRC branch must pay a membership fee – a minimum of 2.00 EUR per calendar year, in return receiving a LatRC membership card. If you want and you have the opportunity to provide more support to LatRC, you can pay a membership fee of 15.00, 30.00 or 45.00 EUR then obtain a special bronze, silver or gold membership card.

People aged 13 – 16 need a written parental permission.

How can you become an LatRC member?

  1. Get acquainted with the work of LatRC.
  2. Contact your nearest LatRC branch.
  3. Pay the membership fee upon receipt of the membership card.

Who is LatRC volunteer?

Any young person (from the age of 13) or an adult can apply to volunteer in one of the LatRC’s fields.

People aged 13 – 16 need a written parental permission.

How can you become a volunteer?

  1. Get acquainted with the work of LatRC.
  2. Contact your nearest LatRC branch.
  3. Fill out the volunteer application.
  4. A LatRC representative will contact you.


What are we doing?

First aid

To learn and to know! So that any one of us is capable of saving a life of a person around us.


Healthy lifestyle promotion and responsibility for a sustainable environment

We are FOR a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

We are FOR preserving nature and the environment!


Promotion of social inclusion

To give joy and warmth to the hearts of those who may need it.

lessening of discrimination and violence

Increase tolerance by making the world a friendlier place for everyone


Promotion of LatRC and LatRCY ideas, regional and international cooperation

Inspiring ideas and teamwork makes the world spin!

Are you ready to join?


Within the framework of LatRCY projects, we create seminars and trainings, organize camps, campaigns and fundraising events, public events, competitions, as well as plan and spend our free time together and in a meaningful manner.


We believe that through our work we can contribute in making our society, country and world a better place.


LatRCY brings together young people who aim to carry out LatRC humanitarian work for the benefit of society


How to establish a  LatRCY unit

What are your options if there isn’t a LatRCY department in your region. Do you have the opportunity to get involved in the making of a new LatRC unit?

  • You need no less than 5 people with LatRC memberships that can be acquired by paying a yearly fee.

  • People who have paid the membership fee will receive a membership card and voting rights.

  1. Gather in a meeting

  2. Fill out the LatRC protocol of establishment and elect a unit leader

  3. There is no age requirement for becoming a leader.

  4. Submit the protocol to the corresponding LatRC executive director and the head of LatRCY in Riga.

  1. The regional LatRC branch council approves creation of a new unit.

  2. The elected leader of the unit concludes a volunteering contract with the Executive Director of the LatRC branch.

  3. The LatRCY unit creates its annual plan on the basis of the LatRCY annual plan.

Members work in their city. According to the LatRCY regulations and annual plan.

  • Carries out various exiting activities;

  • Attracts more members and/or volunteers;

  • Meets up with other LatRCY units;

  • Participates in LatRCY unit training and international projects.

Head of the Latvian Read Cross Youth unit

Could it be you?

  • Motivated to work with children and youth;
  • Responsible, brave and capable to work in a team;
  • With the ability to control and lead;
  • Wishes to implement ideas, improve quality of life for others;
  • Wishes to spend free time meaningfully;
  • Wishes to be the part of the world’s biggest volunteer movement.

What can you gain?

  • Develop skills in leadership, event organization, project management
  • Improve creativity, flexibility and implement your ideas in one of five LatRCY programs;
  • Knowledge and experience about NGOs;
  • New contacts;
  • Participation in regional, national, international training and projects.

LatRCY Programs

  • First aid
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle and responsibility for a sustainable environment
  • Promotion of Social integration
  • Mitigation of discrimination and violence
  • Promotion of LatRC and LatRCY ideas, regional and international cooperation