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The Latvian Red Cross (hereinafter – LatRC) is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent National societies (hereinafter – IFRC), whose mission is to protect and improve the living conditions of vulnerable people, whose survival, social and economic security by mobilizing and human dignity is most affected by various risk situations. The IFRC  coordinates and directs international assistance to victims of natural and man-made disasters, refugees, and during illnesses and epidemics. The mission of the Federation is to organize relief efforts, work on capacity building for National Societies, and provide support, through National Societies, to people in need. The extensive network of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement makes it possible to convey or render assistance to every place, society, person. In total there are 191 national societies in the SSKSP, including the LatRC.

Being part of the IFRC movement, LatRC  has set international cooperation as one of its most important strategic goals – to be a full partner and to participate in the activities of the RCRC movement. Cooperation with Norway, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, etc. is continuing and starting to take place. SK for national associations. In 2014, cooperation agreements were signed to continue cooperation with German SK and Norwegian SK, as well as agreements to start cooperation with Italian SK and several Norwegian SK committees. Active cooperation takes place both at the level of national associations and the direct representation of committees.

At the Latvian and international level, LatRC has been involved in international events and activities of various scale, including conferences, exchange of experience, working groups, as well as gathering and sending information about the current situation in Latvia and activities in LatRC operational programs. In this way, LatRC expresses its views and engages in international discussions and decision-making.