Social centre „Stūrīši”

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Sturisi, Laidze, Talsu region, LV-3201
Phone: +371 63237737  (exept Holidays) E-mail:;
Head of Social Centre „Sturisi”: Anita Boitmane

The social care centre “Stūrīši” provides social care and social rehabilitation services for pension-age persons and adults with disabilities. The Centre’s territory is equipped with walking paths, benches, pergolas, a football field and a historic church. Up to 130 inhabitants can stay at the Centre. It is possible to live in rooms for one, two, or four persons.

On a daily basis the following specialists take care of the centre’s inhabitants:

  • A family doctor;
  • A psychiatrist;
  • A medical nurse;
  • A social worker;
  • A social care specialist;
  • A social rehabilitation specialist.

Inhabitants of the Centre, depending on their abilities and desires, have the opportunity to get enrolled in various leisure activities:

  • To visit the leisure centre: air hockey, table tennis, novus; fitness equipment, performances of artists, educational lectures;
  • To visit the church, services of various confessions;
  • To go to the cinema, museums, the theatre, concerts, excursions;
  • To participate in sports games, mini football competitions;
  • To use the computer class and to access the Internet;
  • To visit the reading-room and the library;
  • To play theatre;
  • To attend creative workshops, classes of Latvian and Mathematics;
  • To participate events in organised by the Centre: celebrations of festivities, dancing.

To acquire more information, please contact Lāsma Šnēfelde, social worker of the social care centre “Stūrīši” (telephone: +371-63237733, e-mail: