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Kurzeme Contact person Structure
Adress: Sturisi 8, Talsi region, Laidze municipality, LV- 3280Phone:  +371 63225583Fax: +371 63237740E-mail: lsk.kurzeme@redcross.lv; sac.sturisi@redcross.lvHomepage: www.redcross-kurzeme.lv

Working hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 16:30


Chairwoman of the Board: Maija AveniņaExecutive director: Anita Boitmane 11 divisions73 volunteers530 members
Saldus Contact person Structure
Adress: Skrundas Street 12, Saldus, LV – 3801Phone/fax: +371 63881030E-mail: lsksaldus@redcross.lv Chairman of the Board: Dainis Cenkurs – Lilienšteins
Executive director: Dace Poruka
15 divisions


Daugavpils – Ilūkste Contact person Structure
Adress: Kastaņu Street 38, Ilūkste, Daugavpils region, LV-5447Phone: +371 65462301
E-mail: lsk.daugavpils.ilukste@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Anna Jegorova
Executive director: Skaidrīte Davne
 Daugavpils city Contact person  Structure
Adress: Kr. Valdemāra Street 13, Daugavpils, LV-5401Phone: +371 65457357Fax: +371 65457357E-mail: lsk.daugavpils@redcross.lv

Working hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 12:00am

Chairwoman of the Board: Helēna SoldatjonokaExecutive director: Antoņina Priedīte  32 divisions1199 members290 volunteers
Kraslava, Dagda, Aglona  Contact person  Structure
Adress: Grāfa Plātera Street 6-12, Kraslava, LV-5600
Phone: +371 65622250
Fax.: +371 65681541
E-mail: lsk.KDA@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Vija BārtuleExecutive director: Sandra Molotoka 34 divisions
1024 members
60 volunteers
Ludza Contact person Structure
Adress: Latgales Street 129, Ludza, LV-5701Phone/fax: +371 65781365,Mob.phone: +371 29993693
E-mail: lsk.ludza@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Sholastika Maksimenkova 12 divisions
Preiļi Contact person Structure
Adress: Raiņa boulevard 13, Preiļi, LV-5301
Fax: +371 65381106
E-pasts: lsk.preili@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Ineta Anspoka
Executive director: Zenta Vucāne
6 divisions
Rēzekne Contact person Structure
Adress:: Raiņa Street 29, Rēzekne, LV-4601
Phone: +371 64625292
E-mail: lsk.rezekne@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board (the acting): Silvija StrankaleExecutive director: Gunta Krukovska 6 divisions


Riga county  Contact person Structure
Adress: Gaujas līču Street 5, Inčukalna district, LV-2141
Phone/fax: +371 67286210
E-mail: lsk.aprinkis@redcross.lv; rigasaprinkis@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Irēna IkstenaExecutive director: Margarita Kralliša 15 divisions
Riga Centre Contact person Structure
Adress: Šarlotes Street 1B, Riga, LV-1001Phone:  +371 22063324
E-mail: lsk.riga@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Baiba PaševicaExecutive director: Maija LeipcigaSecretary: Ņina Krumpāne  7 divisions
10 volunteers
165 members
 Riga Pārdaugava  Contact person  Structure
 Adress: Slokas Street 161, Riga, LV-1067
Fax: +371 67459522
E-mail: lsk.pardaugava@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Māra TomasaExecutive director: Ailita Daugule  5 divisions


 Alūksne  Contact person  Structure
 Adress: O.Vācieša Street 8, Alūksne, Alūksne region, LV-4301
Phone: +371 22114042
E-mail: lsk.aluksne@redcross.lv
Working hours: Monday – Friday 10:00-15:00
Executive director: Ginta Priedīte  7 divisions
149 members
32 volunteers
 Balvi Contact person  Structure
 AdresS: Raiņa Street 52, Balvi, LV-4501
Phone/Fax: +371 64522978
E-mail: lsk.balvi@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Rudīte Krūmiņa
Executive director: Zaiga Kozlovska
 8 divisions67 members
Cēsis Contact person
Adress: Raunas Street 4, Cēsis, LV-4101
Phone: +371 64120782
E-mail: lsk.cesis@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board:Zane Brente-BrantiņaExecutive director: Marina Orlova 16 divisions
1068 members
126 volunteers
 Gulbene Contact person Structure
 Adress: Dīķa Street 1, Gulbene, LV-4401
Phone: +371 64497609
Fax: +371 64497614
E-mail: lsk.gulbene@redcross.lv
Chairman of the Board: Jānis AntaņevičsExecutive director: Biruta Kozlovska  10 divisions
312 members
58 volunteers
 Madona Contact person Structure
 Adress: Parka Street 4, Madona, LV-4801
Phone: + 371 26436684
E-mail: lsk.madona@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Velta VilšķērsteExecutive director: Rita Vecozola  23 divisions
 Ogre Contact person Structure
 Adrese: Mālkalnes avenue 38,1st floor (entrance from Basketball school side), Ogre, LV-5003
Phone: +371 29266059
E-mail: lsk.ogre@redcross.lv
Working hours: Monday – Friday 12:00am-15:00pm
Chairwoman of the Board: Ruta LiepiņaExecutive director: Mudīte Tēraudkalna  5 divisions
 Valka Contact person Structure
 Adress: Semināra Street  23, Valka, LV-4701
Phone: + 371 64722261
E-mail: lsk.valka@redcross.lv
Working hours: Monday – Friday 09:00am-13:00pm
Chairman of the Board: Kārlis AlbergsExecutive director: Gaļina Sokolova  11 divisions
45 volunteers
596 members
 Vidzeme region (after cominating Limbaži and Valmiera) Contact person Structure
Adress: Jaunā Street 1, Limbaži, LV-4001
Phone: +371 26547927
E-mail: lsk.limbazi@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Sandra Našeniece (phone.: +371 26547927)Contact person in Valmiera: Solveiga Boicova  15 divisions


 Aizkraukle Contact person Structure
Adress: Lāčplēša Street 1, Aizkraukle, LV-5101
Phone: +371 65124605
Fax: +371 65133934
E-mail: lsk.aizkraukle@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Gunta RīdūzeExecutive director: Natālija Ivanova  8 divisions
407 members
32 voluneers
 Jēkabpils Contact person Structure
Registered adress: Riga Street  201, Jēkabpils, LV-5202
Actual address: Brīvības Street 258a, Jēkabpils, LV-5201
Phone: +371 26463489
E-mail: lsk.jekabpils@redcross.lv
Working hours: Monday – Friday 09:00-15:00
Chairman of the Board: Armands Līcītis
Executive director: Velta Ozoliņa
8 divisions
458 members
21 volunteers
Tukums Contact person Structure
Adress: Kurzemes Street  5a, Tukums, LV-3101
Phone: +371 63125148
Fax: +371 63182125
E-mail: lsk.tukums@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Ina BalgalveExecutive director: Gunta Neilande 18 divisions
Bauska Contact person Structure
Adress: Dārza Street 12A, Bauska, LV-3901
Phone: +371 26250020
E-mail: lsk.bauska@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Laila JurcikaExecutive director: Sandra Pumpuriņa  5 divisions
578 members
14 volunteers
Jelgava Contact person Structure
Adress: Stacijas Street 13, Jelgava, LV-3001
Phone: +371 63021504
E-mail: lsk.jelgava@redcross.lv
Chairman of the Board: Jānis Vērzemnieks
Executive director: Rūta Poikāne
17 divisions
276 members
20 volunteers
Dobele Contact person Structure
Adress: Brīvības Street 3, Dobele, LV-3701
E-mail: lsk.dobele@redcross.lv
Chairwoman of the Board: Ingrīda Meļķe
Executive director: Sarmīte Lucaus
 5 divisions
253 members
134 volunteers
 Kandava Contact person Structure
 Adress: Lielā iela 26, Kandava, LV-3120
Phone/Fax: +371 63123811
E-mail: lsk.kandava@redcross.lv
Chairman of the Board: Arvīds Belerts
Executive director: Ints Leitarts
 6 divisions
350 members
23 volunteers