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Adrese: Riga, Sarlotes St 1D

Phone.: +371 67212775, +371 25900071



Administratior:Oskars Gaiss Darba dienās plkst.


LatRC provides services of specialised road transport vehicles for transporting persons with special needs in Riga.

Price-list for the transport services:

Fee per 1 km;

Fee per 1 km outside Riga (both directions)

EUR 0.75

EUR 0.60

The minimal fee for the trip EUR 25.00
Carrying (regardless the floor) EUR 5.00
Waiting for a client EUR 5.00 per 1 hour

Type of payment: cash or money transfer (for legal entities).


The trips are also provided on holidays from 08:00 AM till 08:00 PM. Transportation services should be applied for in work days from 09:00 AM till 05:00 PM. In cases when time is not set, you can apply on the same day, if case you know the particular time – on the previous day.

In cooperation with the Riga Social Service we offer services of specialised road transport vehicles that are covered by the municipality.