On March 2015 the provision of detoxification services began at 46 Stacijas Street in Ludza in the premises of the Ludza Police Station’s isolator. In accordance with the procurement results of the Ludza Region Council, the services of the detoxification room are provided by employees of the society LatRC.

Since 1 May 2014 detoxification services are also provided at 2 Talsu Street in Preiļi and the operation of the detoxification room is ensured by the Preiļi Committee of the LatRC. In 2014, from 1 May till 31 December 197 persons under alcohol influence were brought to the detoxification centre. Watch the video to see the work of the detoxification centre:


Moreover, since 2 June 2014 the detoxification centre of the LatRC is also operating at 20 Bērzpils Street in Balvi in the premises of the Balvi State Police Station. In 2014, 256 clients were placed in the detoxification centre.

For several years the social centre “Gaiziņš” of the LatRC, located at 7 Gaiziņa Street, Riga, has been the only night shelter in Riga that accepts persons under alcoholic influence. From 2011 till 2014 the centre has registered 46,706 cases when clients under alcoholic influence stayed here.

In 2013, at the level of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia it was decided that organising and equipping the detoxification centre is under the authority of the state, however, for discussions about which institution should manage it are ongoing.